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In Westminster you’ll find the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Horse Guards Parade and fantastic night time views from Westminster Bridge. It’s a sightseer’s paradise, and it’s starred in films like Skyfall and TV programmes like Doctor Who and the title sequence of Sherlock.

See more famous landmarks here

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Naruto Shippuden - Ep. 377 Special: Mecha Naruto {x}

Deidara, what the hell. I mean, first Itachi, now you?
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Chimera Ant tragedy.
Killua: "Gon, I-… I…"


Que Sera Seraドニニ [Facebook]

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I see all these posts of people saying that blah and blah anime is going to end soon and that they are so heart broken, and when I don’t see Hunter x Hunter on the list, I die a little bit on the inside. Like what? Does our pain not count or you think we got used to it?

You should enjoy the little detours. To the fullest.
Because that's where you'll find the things
more important than what you want.
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The day that Stan Lee stops making cameos in Marvel movies will be a dark one.

[HQ] Miss A Suzy for CéCi Korea 1422x1840
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수지. Suzy

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Finished up a few shots that seemed to flow pretty well together so I put together a new GIF!  If you’re on a computer, you can view a high resolution SWF here:  http://poojipoo.deviantart.com/art/Naruto-vs-Sasuke-II-WIP02-481431995