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月に代わっておしおきよ Then // Now 

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Why does this happen?

Why must we lose… our lives… and our dreams?


「 The 4 Military Divisions. 」
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It’s the year 2100,
Gay marriage is legal everywhere in the world, there is a cure for cancer, we’ve solved world hunger, there are flying cars, and there are humans living on Mars…
But we still don’t know what’s in Eren Jaeger’s basement.

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parents: please stop listening to the Delfino Plaza theme



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When someone challenges you to a game you’re secretly a boss at and you’re like



Niiiice collection, Nerd & Geek (give our best to all our friends in Krakow!). And thanks to the A+ cosplayers.


Princess Bubblegum by Lilu [deviantart]
Marceline [tumblr | facebook]
Fionna by Courtney [deviantart]
Flame Princess by Gabrielle [tumblr]


a little gift all the way from animal crossing 

Is that not the law of mortals?